Fastly internet outage, Capitol riot, migrant families separated, new cases of COVID-19 drop. It’s Tuesday’s news.

Bill Mount

If you’re reading this, the internet is working. But it wasn’t, earlier. New COVID-19 cases are down, but a summer surge is possible. And after a controversy over racism, Chris Harrison leaves “The Bachelor” franchise. 👋 It’s Laura. It’s Tuesday, and I’ve got some news for you. But first, what’s twice the […]

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RIT graduates its first doctoral student in new electrical and computer engineering program

Dimitris Chachlakis became the first student to be awarded the new Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering this May from Rochester Institute of Technology. The new degree, recently approved by the New York State Department of Education, builds upon the Ph.D. in engineering, a multi-disciplinary degree established several years ago, […]