9 Workout Apps When Have Less Than 30 Minutes to Sweat

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Advertiser Disclosure: At Slickdeals, we work hard to find the best deals. Some products in our articles are from partners who may provide us with compensation, but this doesn’t change our opinions. “I don’t have time” is no longer an excuse to avoid working out. As a personal trainer, I’ve […]

Advertiser Disclosure: At Slickdeals, we work hard to find the best deals. Some products in our articles are from partners who may provide us with compensation, but this doesn’t change our opinions.

“I don’t have time” is no longer an excuse to avoid working out. As a personal trainer, I’ve heard it all: There’s no time, the commute to the gym is too long, I have too much to do, etc.

With these short workout apps, the first two excuses are moot. As for “I have too much to do,” I hear you — but did you know that exercising regularly will actually boost your energy levels, not drain you even more?

When you download one of these fitness apps, you’ll have a wealth of at-home workouts at your fingertips. And the best part is that many of them are free, several are low-cost and none top the price you’d pay for a monthly gym membership. Plus, all of these apps offer bodyweight-only workout options, so you don’t even need to invest in gym equipment. Happy exercising!

Apps That Get the Job Done in 10 Minutes or Less

workout apps
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1. Seven App by Perigee

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: Free to download, get more workouts and guidance from a personal trainer for $59.99/year

Inspired by the science of “exercise snacks” — super short but intense workouts that seem to provide benefits on par with longer, less intense workouts — the Seven app features daily high-intensity interval training workouts that last just seven minutes. If you really, truly think you don’t have time to workout, I urge you to spend seven minutes exercising instead of seven minutes doom-scrolling through Facebook.

2. Sworkit

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: Basic plan free; get more workouts with a premium subscription for $9.99/month or $59.99/year ($4.99/month)

Sworkit stands for “simply work it,” which is the app’s philosophy about fitness: Movement should be simple, and Sworkit helps with that. With this fitness app, you can choose the length of your workout (as little as five minutes), and Sworkit will create a workout that fits that time frame based on your fitness goals. With an exercise library of more than 800 movements, you’ll enjoy endless variety as Sworkit helps you improve your fitness.

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3. Johnson & Johnson’s 7 Minute Workout

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: Free

Another fitness app with workouts under 10 minutes, 7 Minute Workout is not the same as the Seven app described above. However, the two are similar, and if you find you need more variety, having both apps on your phone will do just that. What really stands out about 7 Minute Workout is its feature called “Smart Workout,” which uses AI to monitor your fitness level and your motivation to recommend the best workout options for you on any given day.

4. Work out in 5 minutes with 5 Minute Yoga

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: Basic plan free; get more workouts with a premium membership for $2.49/month or $15.99/year ($1.33/month)

High-intensity interval training not your style? No worries. You can still enjoy quality movement with the 5 Minute Yoga app, which focuses on gentle yoga and stretching flows that help with flexibility, mobility and strength. This app is a great choice for people who struggle with pain in their hips, lower back, neck or shoulders. The yoga poses are beginner-friendly, and the app features a countdown timer to ensure you hold each pose for the optimal amount of time.

Work Out in 30 Minutes or Less with These 5 Apps

workout apps
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1. Obé Fitness

Available on: iOS

Cost: $27/month, $65/quarter ($21.67/month) or $199/year ($16.98/month)

Obé Fitness features 28-minute workouts in every workout category imaginable. With nearly 5,500 on-demand classes (and more being added regularly), you’re sure to find something to suit your mood and needs every day. If you like a little friendly competition, you can join one of 22 live classes per day, during which a qualified instructor will guide and motivate you, or you can join a Workout Party to virtually exercise with friends.

For reference, most in-person studio classes cost $10 to $40 per class, depending on the type of workout and where you live — over the course of the year, that adds up to $1,560 to $6,240 if you work out three times each week for every week of the year. With your Obé Fitness membership, you can take as many on-demand classes as you want and join in live whenever you want for a total yearly cost of $324, $260 or $199, depending on the payment plan you choose.

2. BBG by Kayla Itsines

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: $19.99/month or $119.94/year

The Bikini Body Guides (BBG) app is one of many offerings from celebrity personal trainer and influencer Kayla Itsines (she’s also the creator of the popular Sweat workout program). The BBG app features 28-minute workouts across three different programs: BBG Beginner, BBG Stronger and BBG Post-Pregnancy. You can either download the programs as a digital PDF for a flat price or subscribe to the app.

3. Power 20

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: 7-day free trial; $3.99/month or $21.99/year

For a ridiculously effective full-body workout, try Power 20, a short workout app with fully guided 20-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that don’t require any equipment. If your goal is to improve your strength, endurance and balance with quick daily workouts, Power 20 is a good choice. Just be aware that the app requires you to choose a plan at the start of your 7-day trial. Don’t forget to cancel it if you decide you don’t like the app.

4. Power 20 Prenatal & Postnatal

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: Free 7-day trial; $7.99/month or $29.99/year

The Power 20 brand also offers a pregnancy workout app. Like the regular Power 20 app, the Power 20 Prenatal & Postnatal Workout app features short 20-minute workouts, but these are specifically designed to be safe for moms-to-be and new moms. If you’re interested in trying this app, talk to your healthcare provider about whether working out is safe for you during pregnancy or after delivery.

5. Streaks Workout App

Available on: iOS

Cost: $3.99 to download

If you struggle with consistency, try the Streaks app, which rewards you for completing a workout every day. You can choose what type of workout to do (such as strength or cardio), the intensity level you desire for the day and how long you want your workout to be. The idea is to establish a consistent habit of exercising by honoring your motivation and energy levels each day. The app automatically logs your workouts and shows you how many days in a row you’ve exercised.

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