‘Telling Stories’: Imagined tales of artificial intelligence presented by the UW Tech Policy Lab

Bill Mount

Arts and entertainment  |  Technology  |  UW and the community  |  UW Notebook March 16, 2021 A young man exiled to a reeducation camp for the “digitally unsafe” learns to keep his face blank, as cameras everywhere read expressions, and signs of anger and resistance are quickly punished. The elderly […]

March 16, 2021

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iOS 14.5 includes a killer feature that could keep your iPhone around for longer

With iOS 14.5 rolling out to developers and beta testers, new features are being unearthed, with one in particular that could extend the longevity of older iPhones. According to findings by 9to5Mac, iOS 14.5 includes options to separately toggle regular updates and security updates. The implication here is that older […]